Why own a franchise, well that is a simple questions to answer. You have the ability to go into business for yourself BUT not by yourself! Entrepreneurialism is on the rise, the american worker feels the weight to care for their own financial well being and franchising solves the problem of building a business from scratch. Read this post to understand the if the benefits of owning a franchise out weigh the challenges for you.

why own a franchise




The Fact is, Franchising offers many important benefits for Entrepreneurs that have a deep desire to enter the small business market. Unfortunately may see the price of a franchise and go the ” Do it Yourself” route… Be for you go that route, realize there are franchise options well under the $100k, $50k or even $25k price tag. It is worth your time to take a look at the benefits outlined below before making a decision.



Proven Systems & Strategy

Most businesses fail due to the lack of systems… One of the largest benefits of a Franchise is that they offer systems and proven strategies. No need to struggle to develop your own plan, Franchises have already proven their systems work and capable of profitability over and over.

Brand Recognition

Franchises offer Entrepreneurs and The Business owners the advantage of name recognition and Brand Loyalty.  It can take years for startup businesses to establish their brand in the marketplace, and even then there is no guarantee that consumers will recognize them as a leader in their industry. Franchises, however, can potentially provide business owners a window in to instant recognition and brand loyalty. Although this isn’t always the case – especially if the company is new to the area – franchisees frequently experience exponential growth in name recognition as the franchising grows and expands.

Internal Suppliers

When starting your own business, finding the right supply lines can pose another challenge. The lack of ample supplies and services will cripple a business, many times killing of the hopes of revival. Franchises, however have established the suppliers for you and can provide instant recognition in the market place.

Proven Training & Employee Policies

Franchises provide training programs developed internally for the business owner to succeed in the market place. From the benefits of employee training programs for your staff to programs specific to the Franchisee. They in many cases have created the proper employee policies that keep order and smooth operations for you to follow. Again just another way that franchise ownership provides solutions for the Entrepreneur.

Franchisee Support Systems

Finally, franchisee’s are provided with a built-in support system to assist in building a business they can be proud of. Remember that the Franchisor wants you to become a success. This benefit  is HUGE for owners who have little or no experience in business ownership or business owners who have limited experience in their industry.

A Franchise Option for the MASSES

Once in a great while franchising sees a Franchisor come to market with a unique opportunity for anyone looking to be in business for themselves. No Royalties, Open Territories and AFFORDABLE. See the resource below for more information.

Digital Marketing Franchise: BizziBiz