What Made John Ferguson move to Franchise Sales?

After a sound and successful career in network marketing, Telesales,  Telesales Development, and pioneering systema and techniques for “phone jockeys ” john Ferguson moves to Franchise Sales as his next venture of soon to be mega achievements in an already prestigious track record.

With franchising becoming one of the most sought after business opportunities in the world with a proven track record… it is a wonder why more marketers don’t take on the chance to be a part of such an amazing industry. Check out these stats on Franchising as posted on : Franchising.com.

One industry that has shown massive growth in the last few years is that of Digital Marketing. The explosion of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, just to name 4 well known’s, has turned into the next Gold Rush for online marketing firms. This is an industry that everyone hears about, but may not know the how too. One Franchise in particular has risen to the top as a premier provider of Digital Marketing providers…

Bizzibiz, Inc.

John Ferguson has join the superhero team of Bizzibiz, a Franchisor of digital marketing services based in Phoenix, AZ. With John’s knowledge in the sale and telesales industry, to build an epic team of sales members for Bizzibiz was not something to pass up. A franchise dedicated to the small business success online, amazing leadership, an industry that is expanding rapidly and of course a Franchise.

Look out for this dynamic cast across the franchising circuit.